Monday, September 6, 2010

OVER-REACTED: Cebuanos on Diaz

"Kasi when you think about a Cebuana can hardly speak English and of course Tagalog so maybe she should answer in Bisaya." -Gloria Diaz

These are the exact words which came from the mouth of Miss Universe 1969 and the very first in our country. If we analyze it thoroughly, we can say that she criticized Cebuanas to the highest level. However, I believe that Cebuanos are not shallow minded. I thought that we would just let this pass by because it is not the truth and we have proven we can speak Tagalog and English really well.

If we are not good enough in English, Business Process Outsourcing companies will not make Cebu an IT Hub because most of these BPO's are call centers which requires efficient and effective use of this universal language. Second, we can never be behind in terms of Tagalog because all our lives we spent studying Filipino subjects from elementary to college, watched Philippine TV shows and love Original Pinoy Music (OPM).

If Cebuanos are intelligent enough to really dig deeper into what Ms. Diaz said, we would realize how much she cared about our culture, our Cebuano culture: our pride as Cebuanos of unique kind and not our pride as people who speak other nation's language. True it is that we are proud that we can speak Tagalog or English fluently but do we ask ourselves if we are proud being Cebuanos who speaks and loves our own Cebuano language (not anymore a dialect based on national linguists society)?

This is the video from TV Patrol of ABS-CBN where Ms. Diaz was interviewed.


  1. ..I think Gloria Diaz's answer was just misunderstood;she meant no offense. Obviously, she has good intentions but her choice of words was just inappropriate that's why it came out somehow harsh.

  2. very well said...pak2 para kay kim..

    u had a point gyud kim, we just let this pass by since we all know the capabilities of Cebuanos. We can claim and prove that we, Cebuanos, are the most intellectual group amongst the entire country.

    in addition, sa wala makahibalo... mas dali sudlon ang callcenter sa manila compare here in cebu...meaning, HR's of callcenters here has higher standards since they knew it from the start that Cebuanos are capable to meet or even surpass their standards.

    --i am a proud CEBUANO...

  3. nice kim! we shouldn't be affected because everyone knows except for her that we cebuanos are fluent in english... even our beggars in fuente osmena speak in english like :"Sir, Maam? Give us five pesos, please." hahaha....

  4. bitaw2x...!

    Hahaha . . .

    I remembered the story told by my cousin this year. He saw a Mormon walking in the street. A little boy (beggar) asked the man. "Hey Joe, give me singkow!"

    The Mormon replied, "Ah, lakaw ra man gani ko!"

    Hahaha . . .

  5. revek! hahaha! go go go KIM!

  6. warla warla warla warla warla warla warla