Thursday, September 2, 2010

BISROCK: Cebu's Original Music

Five years ago, Bisrock became Cebu's number one music genre and became an ambassador towards the promotion of Cebuano's culture countrywide. This was a major attempt of the Cebuanos to create a new style of music through the imaginative minds of local bands. These bands are usually composed of students and bystanders who aims to become icons and role models of their generation.

Here are some of the best BisRock songs:

Gugmang Giatay by The Ambassadors

Bisan Pa by Wet Slipperz

Chinita by Assembly Language

Nasud Ko sung by different BisRock artists. The best song of them all! This is a tribute to Cebu and to the beloved country, Philippines.

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  1. nice au ang mga bisrock..i hope dili cya mamatay...its a world class talent...