Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why I did not enroll in Nursing

"Nursing is all about courage."

Nursing is an in demand profession all over the world especially in first world countries. Compensation of nurses abroad is tremendously higher than average. It is no doubt that taking up a course like this would let most of the people around you look high above as if gazing at the brightest star on a cloudless night.

However, even if I am tempted to the sparkle it brings and even if I successfully got a license, I can never be a successful nurse. There are three (3) reasons:

1. I'm Agliophobic
Last January 2010, I had my very first CBC (Complete Blood Count) Test. I was panicking. My hands were shaking and sweaty. My heartbeat was erratic. My two friends were patiently calming me down. As I sit on the chair dedicated for examinees, I covered my entire face with my jacket so that I would NEVER see how CBC is done. I felt an abrupt pain. Finally, the blood was extracted from my veins. I was very happy and walked to another corner. Yet, suddenly I felt dizzy. Something strange was going on with my stomach which I can't explain. The world seemed to turn around fast and I decided to take a seat at the nearest chair. When my senses came back, I smell a very soothing scent. I opened my eyes and saw people pressing my hands. I then asked, "Did I just pass out?" - I am totally afraid of needles or anything that would inflict pain. This is one of the strongest reasons why I did not took nursing.

2. I have a cheesy heart.
I can easily be distracted emotionally by the agonizing pain of other people. May it be physical, mental or emotional pain. I cannot stand the pressure it brings to me.

3. My family has no dimes
My father is a kind fisherman/carpenter and my mother is a responsible housewife. My sisters have their own family and needs to support them by all means except of my only brother who is physically challenged since he was 7 years old. The end point here is we cannot afford the humongous tuition in nursing schools. We can barely sustain our daily needs, how much more the books of nursing students?

To those who plan, taking up, graduated and licensed, I salute you for having the courage. It must be very difficult for you and your family at most times. One thing is for sure, that path is something to be proud of. Aja!