Thursday, November 22, 2012

What is Mayaa?

Mayaa is a Japanese open source library that provides a template for your web pages. This is a great alternative with JSPs (Java Server Pages) should you wish for another framework to manage your pages in a J2EE project.

At all times, Mayaa (.mayaa) is paired with an HTML (.html) document. HTML is the skeleton while Mayaa creates the flesh of a web page. This library is so amazing because html elements can be injected independently by Mayaa without disturbing codes in the html file.

Reusability is the key advantage of Mayaa. You may just create a single text.html (input type="text") with its corresponding mayaa file and use it over and over again varying only with id values. In order for you to inject an element, an id name must be declared in your html file.

Example :

< h3 id = "header" > </ h3 >

There is no need to place anything inside your H3 tag. Mayaa will be responsible in injecting the value you want to display inside the tag. This is helpful when you need to have dynamic values to show inside the tag.

I will provide more information about Mayaa next time. I hope this will give you a brief overview of what mayaa can do for you.

Have a great day~!