Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cebu's IT and BPO Industry assessed by Tholons

Tholon's, an advisory company on global outsourcing and investments, in cooperation with  Cebu Investment Promotions Center, government, and industry was conducting an assessment of Cebu's talent pool.  This was done via on-line tests which was conducted on August 8, Sunday at 3:30-6:00pm at Room 230, 2nd Floor Main Building, UC-Banilad, Arch. Reyes St., Banilad, Cebu City (in front of Country Mall).

The results of this assessment will be used in determining where the IT industry of Cebu is now, including it's IT human resources, and help develop a roadmap for Cebu that will develop further Cebu's IT and BPO industry. Various schools and companies in Cebu attended the activity.

I was sent to the said assessment and was a little bit disappointed. I cannot successfully entered their examination page and was advised to transfer from one computer to another. However, it took me more than five times (changing computer) and more than half an hour to gain access. According to the proctor, the reason behind that issue was the slow internet connection used in the facility. Well, that was actually acceptable.

The examination contains reading comprehension and grammar, problem solving and mathematical calculations, and program code tracing. The most challenging part of the test was its strict time limitation. The time limit of those first two tests were enough. But, in program code tracing test, the limit was impossible! Maybe the time was miscalculated. Some of my workmates weren't able to take the last test because the system automatically sent the results skipping the last one.

The results of the assessment will be sent to the respective participating schools, companies and others.

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